Adding new functionality and figuring out how to update my site.

See the page->To do:

Theme Customization

It was a pain to get rid of some of the footer information but I figured it out using child themes and custom php code…. they definitely don’t advertise how to do it.

Page specific CSS

I figured out how to add custom css per page after running into problems with importing things from my old website. Some issues with some of the css sliders I had made used similar tags to some of the elements of the theme, so even if I were to add a custom css file across the whole site it would cause problems. There are several ways to code style sheets specific to each page or post but I found it to be a pain within wordpress without installing a plugin (wp-add-custom-css) while still maintaining the best things about wordpress.


I have installed several plugins for sliders:

HugeIT, Slider WD, MetaSlider, and Easy FullScreen Slider


I have made a horizontal timeline that has posts by date.


But I don’t like that it doesn’t show shortcode content just the short codes which looks horrible.


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