To do: 1

List of things I am working on currently for the website…

  • Create templates with side bars
    • looks like I have to do that by enabling side bars on the main theme options
    • this changes the page default as well as actually adding the side bars (loading them in php)
    • then choosing individual templates on each page if I don’t want them to have sidebars, etc…
  • Go through plugins
    • decide which are important to keep
    • get others as needed
  • Fix FrontPage slider prev next arrows
  • Show post categories dynamically
    • Show on some pages
  • Sort posts into categories
  • Edit content to frontpage
  • Find out how to use links section in wordpress
  • Podcasts in WordPress?
  • fix footer
  • visual tab not working?
  • add timelines
    • batch add many posts at once? by category? combining multiple categories on one timeline?
    • figured out using shortcode is better than using the timeline url

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