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In Leavenworth getting BratsWell it has been a while since I have looked at the website. I see a lot of unfinished content that I was always meaning to get done. While I have been superficially linking to content and articles about my interests as I come across them I havent been able to sit down and write much. Overall I see the value in frequent reminiscences and thoughtful introspection of cueent and past events as well as fanciful dreams and ideas for the future. It is my plan to update things a bit more and at least polish off the front page.20150314_163805

While I have been trying to add content and plug-ins there is so much discombobulated ways to get things done that it takes me some time to remind myself how to do it every time I try. I think I have like 100 plug-ins. Many are not used.

I spent some time just categorizing the media in the gallery. I am not sure the best way to do this is there a better idea to categorize or add tags to the photos I also wanted to see if I can add voice notes to other pictures or post from my phone. And I also wanted to know if somebody subscribes or was following my website and I got an update for a new post if I was able to see how many people are doing that or what not because for example I get an email whenever I put a post with the link to the website and I was wondering if other people do that and if I would be able to tell or not.

Well it looks like it may be able to add a link to an audio file that I uploaded but it’s a little bit more of a pain in the butt and I thought I also wanted to get a list of Servo add-ons for Phantom 3 and higher drones and how to add on those as opposed to the Phantom 2 so I should update the post on there.

Cheval cellars

Fromaggio and community center/business center


I need to define 5 main areas for the front page slider:

1. Hobbies/passions interests

2. Posts/pages archive calendar etc…

3. Featured content

4. Professional

5. Family

I need to define 6 areas for the columns:

1. Falconry

2. Drones

3. Contact me

4. Animals/Pets

5. Family Vineyard adventures

6. Tech….

It looks like we can have a video slider as well, but not sure? Would like a posts slider or similar….


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