Remote camera

Hera are some systems that are available on the market.

Pix controller

Raptor wireless remote



Most cameras used for remote viewing are variations of a trailcamera and have poor image resolution or low battery life and no way to preview from the ground or at home.

We have experimented with tethering a Nikon digital camera running Ethernet and power down the tree to a laptop in a blind. This works great for quality but lack of weatherproofing requires it to be taken down after only a few hours.

Some systems use a cellular card to provide access to get pictures sent to you while you are at home. These seem to be expensive with a large amount of data.

I am looking for a weatherproof system with long battery life that is able to save pictures and video to a dvr that can be accessed remotely to preview. Good quality can be stored locally while on demand previews, and/or daily, can be accessed from home (WiFi or cell).

Ideally you can change settings remotely, zoom, and move the camera remotely as needed.


Descriptions of some systems and cost…

Example pictures/example videos