3D Printer

My Bro got one for his birthday. It was a kit so it took us 2 days to put it together.

Printrbot Simple Maker's Kit (Model 1405)

Step 1 – put it together

this takes well over 4 hours

Step 2- level it

We initially skipped this step (not a good idea)
I also found out that there is some firmware you can update and have the printer use some measurements to level the bed using a calculated plane with a Gcode before you print.

Step 3- Software

It was a bit of a pain in the ass to get the drivers working and it is still kind of confusing to work with. (open and connect with Repetier, print with cura)

Step 4- Print

Troubleshooting prints


Calibrating Your Auto Leveling Probe – Printrbot

Articles to Read:

 Printing Essentials

I have since printed a few upgrades for the printer. Larger printbed now. Larger leadscrew, double precision y axis.

This article about fan shrouds really makes me think I need a new one or 2!

Current Printer:


My Upgrades:

Printrbot Simple 1405 kit

Y axis no sag, double precision

X axis, single precision

Z-Axis, upgraded to larger lead screw

Bed 8 x 8″ 4mm aluminum plate, leveled with pen springs, M3 bolts, and washers for adjustment

Bought 6 x  300mm rods for the above upgrades, hardware, and belts

Current build envelope is  160mm x 110mm x 150mm

Print with Octoprint, slice on cura, design in sketchup


Good Article on Tips->http://hackaday.com/2016/07/06/build-a-3d-printer-workhorse/