Measuring the Brotherhood Tree

Shot with the XPX quad and Silk Gimbal from XProHeli:

Official height: 246 feet.
Source: Measuring the Brotherhood Tree – Quadcopter Academy

Very cool footage showing a large tree and climbers as they climb and orbiting the top. Unique perspective that gives non-climbers a sense of what it would be like to climb one of these giants. It also gives me am idea of what it would be like to use a drone to drop a line in a tree for rope access. Ideally a modified small little sling shot or pen gun would launch light weight fishing line with a 4 oz weight would work well. You could use the camera to aim and shoot the line over the branch of your choice and a specific height… also ensures you have enough climbing rope to make the initial ascent.


I am thinking of a smaller version of this with a servo release mechanism…

Slingshot Line Placement

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