Free Sliders

Slider I hard coded:

Falconry Slideshow

  • Uses CSS and html
  • hard to add different number of images or change effects easily

I am looking for free fullscreen and “regular” sized sliders to use:

So far I have come across a few that look promising->

Many themes have a slider bundled with them that look great, but have limited sliders on additional pages or even areas of the main page. In order to have multiple sliders you would need to be put the theme in a subdomain or entire wordpress website linked between different pages (with a different theme and wordpress install) which is a pain to change or manage… but could offer some free ways to get the fullscreen sliders… effect across multiple pages

Another option is to use the frontpage sliders included in many themes and copy the html it produces and then use that on other pages:

  • hard to change content
  • may need to code
  • style sheets and php may need to be troubleshooted


this site has several great themes to choose from


JQuery ones:




and what I am really looking for is stackable full width sliders that can be put on the frontpage for each section of a site and a slide linked to each page….

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