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  2. Hello, I am searching for a product called Progena yeast free protein powder with B vitamins and amino acids. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I found a link to a PDF with the ingredient label that said came from your website. Do you know of this product and where I can buy it?

  3. Interesting, not sure where that came from but a quick google search found that product. …

  4. Hi
    I am a former Bastyr student and your site was a great resource for old notes. I am wondering it seems all the old notes have been removed, do you have them somewhere I can still enjoy them?
    Thank you,
    Kristin Keahey

  5. Aaron,
    I hope this is not a repeat comment, my first seems to have not been posted. I am a former Bastyr student and I loves the old notes section of your website. Do you have a link so I can enjoy the old class notes you once had posted?
    Thank you

  6. Yeah I will take a look 🙂

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