Thanks to smutboy420 for updating my design. Check out his version for a cleaner and lighter design. He used PLA plastic instead of ABS. He used a bigger servo and updated the design to fit. This is a design for a Multirotor parachute system. Video: For in depth [...]

DIY Multirotor Parachute System

A small and simple 9g servo mount for mounting directly onto the extruder carriage for use with the auto bed levelling function. Mine is mounted onto a Greg’s Wade extruder body but would probably be compatible with more setups as it requires only an M4 mounting hole Source: Simple Servo [...]

Simple Servo mount

This was intended for use on a quad-rotor project, although it can be mounted on really anything. I used two Hitec HS-55 sub-micro servos and it whips the camera around without any problem. Enjoy! If you like this project, or would like to know more about 3D printing, check out [...]

Super Compact Pan Tilt Camera

The standard follow-up flags are: “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This Week”, “Next Week” and “No Date”. I’d like to add another option to this list for “This Month”. Yes it is, and I did it!!! Source: windows – Is it possible to create custom follow-up flags in Outlook 2007? – Super User | [...]

Is it possible to create custom follow-up flags in Outlook?