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I found this video from, I love the drone follow up the tree! The site has many great videos and techniques about tree climbing. Sequoia climb with J.T Footage captured from a flying camera of Justin Temple having a leisurely climb around a stunning Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant Sequoia/giant redwood) [...]

Sequoia Climb|Drone Footage

Fan-freakin’-tastic. It wasn’t enough that drones are already watching our every move and capable of raining down missile-locked death strikes. No, we had to give them the ability to swoop and snag items like a goddamn Golden Eagle taking a baby. Everybody duck. Source: Just What We Need—Drones with Grappling [...]

Just What We Need—Drones with Grappling Claws

List of Drone Tasks: photography/videography fun Abatement Dive-Bombing Drone Confronts Goose Poop Head On   Rise of the drones = fall of the falcons? Posted in Falconry | Leave a comment rescue other quad in a tree grappling hook MQX Flying Crane – Retractable Grappling Hook! Posted in drones [...]

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