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Testing being able to embed excel and other docs: Google Drive Embedder + Google Apps Login: Good for viewing but not interactive… i.e. you can’t sort the data Google Doc embedder: NameTR S1/41/16IDCenterNWNESWSEExactDateComments Gooseberry Flats191526SWCenterlat Gooseberry Flats47.1053008547.107140147.107067347.103526947.103469119943 young in roadside nestlong Gooseberry Flats120.9368672120.9395372120.9342305120.9395048120.9341964Kachess211316NESWlat Kachess47.3138615547.315676947.315660247.312061147.31204806/15/1994Two Young near Pump house 4 mile [...]

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